You Can Be Their Eyes
Raised: ₦0.00 Budget: ₦450,000.00
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You Can Be Their Eyes

Population: 79,000 | 2019 Budget: ₦450000.00 | Project Number: 000001

This project is targeted at providing Free Braille Bibles for the People with Visual Disability (the blind). Currently it costs N25,000.00 per complete set.


Our audiences are spread across the length and breadth of Nigeria and the same goes for our projects. Access to these places are limited as a result of the poor road network. A project monitoring vehicle will give us greater opportunity to reach these people we serve and help to sustain our projects.


The strategic objectives of BS Nigeria include eciency and eectiveness in whatever project we embark on.  The project goals are therefore connected to BS Nigeria's strategic objective.


To improve on the eciency and eectiveness of our projects

To enhance the monitoring and evaluation of our projects.


Currently it costs N25,000.00 per complete set.

Project Category Population Budget Project Number
People with Visual Disabilities (PVD) 79,000 ₦ 450,000.00 000001