Raised: ₦300.00 Budget: ₦34,200.00


Population: 5,000 | 2017 Budget: ₦34200.00 | Project Number: 000013

 “Life is terribly difficult. We have been sacked from our homes for months; we sleep in uncompleted buildings, camps and school premises. Our children are malnourished and they are not well-clothed, so resumption to any school is practically out of our calculation. Many women have been raped and children killed. We have lots of questions yet to be answered. Our minds are greatly troubled.” These are words of one of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are victims of the dreaded Boko Haram and Herdsmen onslaught. People like these are resident in several camps across the country. They can no longer live their normal lives. These group of individuals needs our help. The Macedonian Call is targeted at restoring the dignity and hope of these victims of Boko Haram Terrorists attacks. These attacks have led to the displacement of over 6,000,000 individuals.  These victims are living in Internally Displaced Persons’ Camps (IDPCs) without good food, shelter, clothing, Medicare and other basic amenities; they are terribly traumatized.  Bible Society of Nigeria, in collaboration with like-minded agencies, has decided to reach out to these individuals with clothing, bedding, bibles and other scriptural materials, bible-based trauma healing training and vocational skills to enable them get their lives back on track, and possibly resettle them from the IDP Camps. 



The strategies we intend to put in place are:  Need assessment: Rather than delving straight...


  1.    To help the IDPs come to terms with their traumatic situation and helping them...


1.   1. The Nature of Humanitarian Gesture: The Bible Society of Nigeria has to consider...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Other Project 5,000 ₦ 34,200.00 000013
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