Budget: ₦2,586,108.00
15.38% raised
Amount raised: ₦397,757.65


According to research, drug abuse and negative vices cause the death of about 2.6 million youths annually. Therefore, the Bible Society of Nigeria has created a National Secondary Schools Bible Competition... Read More

Budget: ₦2,179,250.00
26.43% raised
Amount raised: ₦576,035.82

National Bible Competition

       The average Nigerian youth is confused about what life has to offer and is in search for a meaning for his/her life. This search has driven many young... Read More

Budget: ₦6,663,075.00
64.66% raised
Amount raised: ₦4,308,285.80

Annual NYSC Essay Writing Competition & National Symposium

             Nigerian youth have a plethora of innovative ideas that could address the country's challenges, and BSN offers a platform for them to share these ideas.... Read More

Budget: ₦2,249,435.00
6.51% raised
Amount raised: ₦146,500.00

Primary Schools Bible Competition (PSBC)

Nigeria's current population has 46 percent of children under the age of 15 years. Children are precious gifts from God and, as a result, must be protected and directed in the... Read More

Budget: ₦1,628,520.00
0.14% raised
Amount raised: ₦2,200.00

Bible Club

The Bible Club project aims to organize Bible clubs in various schools in Lagos to increase the number of students cultivating a Bible reading culture. The project seeks to create an... Read More