Budget: ₦11,296,185.82
0.77% raised
Amount raised: ₦86,500.00


Imagine 600,000 people not having access to the word of God in their native language! Such is the case of the Eggon-speaking people of Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Spoken in the plateau... Read More

Budget: ₦14,044,680.00
0.08% raised
Amount raised: ₦11,300.00

Ogbia First Bible Translation Project

Living by the streams, yet thirsty! This caption vividly depicts the situation of the Ogbia people group of Bayelsa State in Nigeria who, though surrounded by many water bodies, are yet... Read More

Budget: ₦15,582,740.00
0.04% raised
Amount raised: ₦7,000.00

Eleme First Bible Project

The ELEME First Bible Project is proposed with the intent of making the word of God available to the Eleme people in their heart language. The project, when completed will help... Read More

Budget: ₦11,148,137.00
2.23% raised
Amount raised: ₦249,000.00

Binna (Yungur) First Bible Translation Project

Should they be without the WORD? The approximately 200,000 Yungur-speaking community in Adamawa state, Nigeria has no Bible in their heart language. Although they have and use the Hausa Bible, this... Read More

Budget: ₦12,626,040.00
0.01% raised
Amount raised: ₦1,100.00

Ogbia Bible Translation Project

The Bible Society of Nigeria exists to make "the Holy Bible available and affordable to all Nigerians in their preferred Languages and formats, helping them engage with the Word of God... Read More