Primary Schools Bible Competition (PSBC)
Participants/Winners at the Maiden Edition of the PSBC
Budget: ₦2,249,435.00
6.45% raised
Amount raised: ₦146,500.00

Primary Schools Bible Competition (PSBC)

Population: 10,000 | 2023 Budget: ₦2249435.00 | Project Number: 000050

Nigeria's current population has 46 percent of children under the age of 15 years. Children are precious gifts from God and, as a result, must be protected and directed in the right path from the beginning of their lives.

Unfortunately, these children are exposed to all sorts of social vices in forms of violence and abuse. Some of the ills suffered by children are a result of poor parenting and education devoid of moral uprightness.

These social vices do not affect the only children, but also, the society as well. To raise a generation of morally upright children, there is need to focus on the moral training of the children.

The Bible Society of Nigeria designed the Primary Schools Bible Competition (PSBC), for pupils in primary schools to afford the children the opportunity to engage with the Word of God which will teach them morals useful for life – leadership, perseverance, love, brotherliness, responsibility, faithfulness, teamwork, and good attitude.

Reading the Bible will help the children to know who God is, teach them about God's character and communicate His love for them. 

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Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Youth and Children 10,000 ₦ 2,249,435.00 000050
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