Budget: ₦2,200,000,000.00
4.71% raised
Amount raised: ₦114,524,222.23


Population: 40,000,000 | 2022 Budget: ₦2200000000.00 | Project Number: 000015

To the glory of God, The Bible Society of Nigeria is a major force that has kept the cover prices of Bibles low in Nigeria and accounts for why millions of Nigerians have access to the Bible in a language they can understand? Sadly, this great organisation operates from a rented apartment. But like Solomon, you have been chosen to build a house for God to correct this anomaly. O yes! Write And Build For Our God (WABFOG) is empowering you to do just that. WABFOG is a project that offers you the opportunity to partner with God to build a Bible House for the operations of The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN). It behooves you to participate in a handwritten Bible project donating a minimum of ₦10,000.00 for the building project and write a Bible verse. BSN impact lives with God’s Word through translation of the Bible into Nigerian Languages, publishing and distribution of the Scriptures, as well as the execution of life-transforming programmes. It now costs a minimum of ₦120,000,000.00 to complete a language Bible project if achieved within eight years. The BSN has translated the Bible into 26 Nigerian Languages, touching millions of lives who without its works could not have been reached with God’s Word and love. BSN has also been a force that has kept the cover prizes of Bibles relatively low in the market. Thousands of Blind and Deaf Nigerians have been reached with the Braille Bible and the Nigerian Sign Language Bible respectively for free, through the benevolence of our donors. In 2017, we dedicated a Deaf Bible Translation Centre in Ibadan to serve the Deaf with their Bible translation.

The BSN had with less than 50 staff members, we operated from her Apapa office inherited in 1966. But now, with over 150 staff members, her mission office in Apapa proves inadequateobscure, and inaccessible to the people she serves. The traffic gridlock (caused by heavy-duty trucks) threatened her operations and forced BSN to relocate to a rented office at 150, Ikorodu Road, Onipanu in 2018. However, this office is not conducive, choked, and non-supportive of staff’s productivity. To overcome this challenge, BSN decided to build a Bible House between Onipanu and Ojota axis in Lagos. The project was professionally estimated to cost ₦2.2 billion.

Individuals, Churches, and corporate organisations alike could be and are heartily requested to be part of this project. Donors would be ranked into categories of Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze, depending on the amount donated for number of Bible verses written in support of the project. Individuals writing for Platinum or Gold, or Silver, or Bronze category would have to write a verse of the Bible and donate ₦150,000, or ₦50,000, or ₦25,000, or ₦10,000 as opted for. In the same vein, a Church or Corporate organization writing for Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze category would have to write a verse of the Bible and donate ₦1,000,000or ₦500,000, or ₦250,000, or ₦100,000, respectively. Individuals could on behalf of their families, or in honour of loved ones undertake the writing of a chapter or a book accordingly. Churches and corporate organisations could also do likewise. Writers and donors on Platinum category will get a copy of the published handwritten Bible, a thank you plaque, and have their names appear on the gold plate in the tower of fame of the completed Bible House. Writers and donors on Gold category will get a thank you plaque and have their names on the Silver plate in the tower of fame of the completed Bible House. For writers and donors on the Silver category, there shall be a thank you letter signed by the highest organ of the BSN, with their names in the compendium of donors for the building. For writers and donors under the Bronze category, there would be an appreciation letter to them, with their names on the compendium of donors for the building project.

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The BSN with less than 50 staff members, we operated from her Apapa office inherited...


To raise the sum of 2,200,000,00.00 between now and 2022 to build a Bible House,...


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A handwritten Bible would be produced. The Bible would be written by those who, will...
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