Ogbia First Bible Translation Project
Ogbia people group
Budget: ₦14,044,680.00
0.00% raised
Amount raised: ₦71,496.20

Ogbia First Bible Translation Project

Population: 390,000 | 2015 Budget: ₦14044680.00 | Project Number: 000021

Living by the streams, yet thirsty! This caption vividly depicts the situation of the Ogbia people group of Bayelsa State in Nigeria who, though surrounded by many water bodies, are yet to have the words of the Living Water in their heart language. This is why, in line with the mission statement of meeting the scriptural needs of every Nigerian, the Bible Society of Nigeria is embarking on this project so that the yearnings of the Ogbia people to have the word of God in their mother tongue will be satisfied.

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The project will help the Ogbia people of Bayelsa State in Nigeria to have access...


To give the Ogbia people access to the word of God in their language beginning...


Funding to enhance smooth operationPersonnel to work on the project as well as provide oversight 


Recruit qualified hands as translatorsExpose them to adequate trainingProvide oversight and technical assistance from the...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Bible Translation 390,000 ₦ 14,044,680.00 000021
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