Deaf Bible Quiz
Raised: ₦0.00 Budget: ₦1,525,000.00

Deaf Bible Quiz

Population: 1,000 | 2020 Budget: ₦1525000.00 | Project Number: 000030

About one million Nigerians have hearing disability. They need to engage in the Scriptures to give them opportunity to be saved.

Deaf Bible Quiz is a project which is focused on helping the Deaf in Nigeria to interact with the Word of God  in their heart language through a Scripture-based programme: Deaf Bible Quiz competition for the youths who are still in school. According to a report in, the progress of the Gospel among the deaf people in Nigeria was less than 2% Evangelical. The Bible Society of Nigeria has taken it up to get involved in the translation and production of Nigeria Sign Language Bible for the Spiritual Growth of the Deaf. The production of Nigeria Sign Language Bible, which commenced in 2014, now has 110 Chronological Bible Translation (CBT) and since then, the above highlighted status has changed to about 5% because the Bible is now available to the Deaf. To ensure that the Deaf are using the video of the signed 110 Chronological Bible Translation and interacting with the word of God, The Bible Society of Nigeria came up with the idea of inter-school Bible Quiz to encourage this group of people to internalize the Word. The Chronological Bible Stories (CBS) earlier produced by BS-Nigeria will be given to the schools to prepare  their students towards the Bible Quiz. The winners in various schools will compete at the grand finale organized by the BS-Nigeria in the deaf community in Lagos, Nigeria. The Bible Society of Nigeria also intends to use the project to sensitize Nigerians through churches, schools, and other related agencies in the country to educate their Deaf children, wards or relatives.


According to a report in, the progress of the Gospel among the deaf people in Nigeria...


1. Create awareness about the programme in more Churches for support2. Gain more audience by...


The main objective is to help the Deaf to engage with the Word of God...


The major challenge of this project is funding because we lack support from the Churches...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Deaf Ministry 1,000 ₦ 1,525,000.00 000030
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