Deaf Bible Quiz
The winners of the maiden edition of Deaf Bible Quiz flanked by the Dignitaries after the events at Christian Mission for the Deaf, Somolu, Lagos.
Budget: ₦1,202,900.00
38.66% raised
Amount raised: ₦862,512.16

Deaf Bible Quiz

Population: 1,000 | 2023 Budget: ₦1202900.00 | Project Number: 000030

The Bible Society of Nigeria believes that hearing impairment should not be a barrier to accessing and interacting with God's Word. BSN has therefore designed the Deaf Bible Quiz to help the Deaf community in Nigeria interact with the Bible in their heart language. The Deaf Bible Quiz is specifically designed for Deaf youths who are still in school.

The Bible Society of Nigeria has produced 222 Chronological Bible stories in the Nigerian Sign Language to ensure the deaf community engages with the Word of God. Students across different special schools in Lagos participate in an intra-school competition. The best two students from each school compete in the inter-school competition from which the winner emerges.

The project intends to reach out to all special schools across Nigeria but currently limited to Lagos.

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Top of FormTo provide a platform for the deaf to engage with the Word of...


The following are the project goals: To provide the Deaf community in Lagos with access...


The following are the project challenges:1. Inadequate funding2. Religious diversity among the students.3. Lack of...


The following are some of the project strategies: seek financial support from churches, schools, and...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Deaf Ministry 1,000 ₦ 1,202,900.00 000030
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