Baba Adamu Embugushiki reading a portion of Braille Bible after the presentation at the Evangelical Reform Church of Christ Blind Center, Lafia. Nasarawa State, Nigeria.
Budget: ₦7,189,750.00
0.00% raised
Amount raised: ₦4,373,637.07


Population: 2,000 | 2020 Budget: ₦7189750.00 | Project Number: 000031

      Some visually impaired beg to eat. Do they also have to beg to have access to the Word? We make the Blind see the love of God through interacting with  the Word of God. Our free Braille Bible distribution and Quiz for the Blind provides this platform

This project was initially geared toward satisfying the thirst for the Word of God in the life of the People with Visual Disability (PVD) in Nigeria by providing Bibles for Blind and inclusive Institutes and colleges across the 36 states across the nation including the FCT.  Our discovery that there was actually a famine of the Bread of Life among these vulnerable Nigerians paved way to the second phase of the project which was giving the Braille Bibles freely to individuals who were badly in need of them. The  Braille based on demand but while impact assessment on the past  distribution was carried out, two main things were discovered. The first thing was that there is an urgent need to create awareness among the general public to educate their blind relative in order to reach more people with the Word of God and to promote Braille Literacy among the Blind. These two discoveries gave birth to the campaigns in Churches and other public events on  the need for Braille literacy and Bible Engagement programme among the Blind Students in Nigeria. The Engagement programme was tagged You Can Be their Eyes Bible Quiz Competition.

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1. Funds2. Awareness for promotion of Braille literacy3. Partners4. Cooperation of the Blind institutes


To open the eyes of the People with Visual Disability (PVD) through distribution of the...


1. Lack of Fund for the Bible Quiz (second part of the project)2. Dying reading...


1. Create awareness of the Bible Quiz in Churches and other communities, soliciting financial support2....
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
People with Visual Disabilities (PVD) 2,000 ₦ 7,189,750.00 000031
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