Amount raised: ₦0.00 Budget: ₦2,500,000.00


Population: 500 | 2020 Budget: ₦2500000.00 | Project Number: 000035

The Founder’s Day Annual Lecture and Awards Ceremony gives back the society through lectures and awards to engender and model positive behavioural pattern as part of the BSN’s corporate social responsibility. The programme was inaugurated in 2009 to commemorate the anniversary of The Bible Society of Nigeria and holds every February 8. Veteran speakers are invited annually for lectures on related themes that bother on the social, political, economic, or other issues that are trending to model thought patterns that are morally ideal. Also, outstanding individuals in their fields of calling who have influenced their world and impacted humanity positively are awarded by The Bible Society of Nigeria to influence attitudinal change and encourage selflessness as a virtue in the lives of the Nigerian citizens, especially, the youths who are the future leaders of the country, industries and other sectors of the nation.

The event is also used to positively project the image and awareness campaign of The Bible Society of Nigeria concerning what we do – impact lives positively with the Word of God through local language Bible translation, publishing and distribution of the Scriptures, as well as execution of programmes that help people interact with the Word of God, while through the Lectures, advising the government of the day or professionals of concerned trade or body related to a chosen theme on how it affects the nation. Organized for an audience capacity of 500, the event targets for participation, clergies, captains of industries, leaders of professional bodies, leadership of youths, government representatives among others, who afterwards are well able to take the messages back to their constituencies for impact and desired change. It is in a nutshell, an advocacy programme that seeks to give back to the society as part of our corporate social responsibility while influencing attitudinal change by modelling the ideal morals.

Although, the programme is from a Christian body, it does not assume a religious disposition. It then means that Christians and Muslims alike are invited for this event.


The need to influence attitudinal change and encourage selflessness as a virtue in the lives of...


Ø  A demonstration of corporate social responsibility in giving back to the societyØ  Projecting and...


Early preparation such that themes are chosen well ahead of time to ensure we do...


Getting desired dignitaries to attend the programmeGetting veritable speakers for chosen themes who could embrace...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Advocacy/Engagement 500 ₦ 2,500,000.00 000035
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