Bible-A-Month Club (BAMC)
Budget: ₦50,000,000.00
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Amount raised: ₦12,000.00

Bible-A-Month Club (BAMC)

Population: 50,000 | 2020 Budget: ₦50000000.00 | Project Number: 000036

A former armed robber, now an Evangelist, changed his language from, “Your money or your life!” to, “God bless you”, having met Jesus Christ in prison through our free Bible distribution efforts. There are many more like him in the prisons, people living without a hope in IDP Camps, hospital beds and similar places who need God's word to make a message of their mess. The Bible Bible-A-Month Club is a unique intervention to bridge this gap. The programme was created to ensure the wide spread of the Bible through Evangelism. It is designed to encourage donation for Bible on monthly and or quarterly basis to support the free distribution of Bibles in different languages as the needs and requests arise, to PrisonsChurchesIDP CampsDestituteWomen of easy virtueHospital wards and ultimately, Evangelical Missions. Not all Evangelical Missions can afford the Bibles they need for evangelism. Daily, weekly and on monthly basis, we receive requests from Churches, individuals and evangelical missions for the supply of Bibles free to support their new comers to the Church and evangelism drives. Unfortunately, many of these requests go unmet due to lack of provisions for the same. It is desired that this project will meet identified and indicated needs and requests respectively for Scriptures from Churches' evangelical missions. Essentially, the reason for running this project is to meet areas of needs identified above. We plan to visit Prisons, IDP Camps, Hospital wards every quarter of the year from October 2020 to distribute the Bible free in conjunction with prison and hospital ministries to achieve the following:

Put the Bible in the hand of every willing prisoner we encounter in a language they can read and understand

Ensure that at least every Nigerian home has at least a copy of the Bible in a language they can read and understand

Ensure that requests for Bibles from evangelical missions and Churches to meet the needs of new converts are met

Ensure hospital wards without the Bible are equipped with the Scriptures

Meet the Scriptural needs of Nigerians who desire a copy of the Bible but cannot afford the same

Meet the Scriptural needs of internally displaced persons and others in like situations and so on.

The approach is to have privileged Nigerians who would heartily donate for a copy of the Bible monthly to someone somewhere who is in need of the same.

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Grant 50,000 Nigerians, at least, access to copies of their own Bible by December 31,...


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Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Core Presence 50,000 ₦ 50,000,000.00 000036
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