Yungur First Bible Translation Project
The Yungur Tribe
Budget: ₦14,044,680.00
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Amount raised: ₦50,000.00

Yungur First Bible Translation Project

Population: 182,000 | 2020 Budget: ₦14044680.00 | Project Number: 000040

Should they be without the WORD? The approximately 200,000 Yungur-speaking community in Adamawa state, Nigeria has no Bible in their heart language. Although they have and use the Hausa Bible, this does not fully satisfy the yearning of the community to have God speak to them in their own language. To help the Yungur people hear God in their native language, the Bible Society of Nigeria has launched the Yungur First Bible Translation Project. The project is in keeping with the mission of The Bible Society of Nigeria to meet the scriptural needs of every Nigerian and to help people interact with the Word of God. The project is to make God's word available to the Yungur people in their mother-tongue, to facilitate evangelistic efforts which will bring the people to the knowledge of God and bring about transformation to the lives of the Yungur people. It will also help to facilitate literacy in Yungur-speaking communities.

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Prayers for the successful completion in the projected timeFunds to finance the various expenses associated...


To translate the full Bible into Yungur language by December 2028To give the Yungur people...


Yungur is a minority language in the Northern part of Nigeria where Hausa language is...


Engaging indigenes as translators, linguist, and exegetePartnering with the Yungur Language Literacy Committee and the...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Bible Translation 182,000 ₦ 14,044,680.00 000040
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