Epie Bible Translation Project
Dedication of Epie New Testament
Budget: ₦10,386,180.00
0.00% raised
Amount raised: ₦100,197.30

Epie Bible Translation Project

Population: 185,999 | 2015 Budget: ₦10386180.00 | Project Number: 000041

The mission of the BSN is "making the word of God available and affordable to Nigerians in their preferred languages and formats, helping them to engage with the word of God for positive life transformation." It is expected that the translation and publication of the Bible in their mother tongue will enhance their understanding of the Scripture thereby bringing more people unto the Lord Jesus Christ. It will also encourage literacy in the Epie language if the speakers have the Bible translated.

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The Epie community is a community of about 186,000 people comprising of Christians, Muslims, and...


The goals of this project are:To complete the translation of the Epie Full Bible by 2025.To...


Getting native speakers to serve as volunteers on the projectRaising funds locally to make the...


Continuous grassroots awareness and mobilsationCommunity ownership and fundingQuality controls of the translation processTimely and faithful...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Bible Translation 185,999 ₦ 10,386,180.00 000041
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