Urhobo Bible Revision Project
Urhobo People Group in Cultural display
Budget: ₦3,459,500.00
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Amount raised: ₦800.00

Urhobo Bible Revision Project

Population: 1,096,000 | 2014 Budget: ₦3459500.00 | Project Number: 000049

God's Word can only be acted upon and result in life transformation if and when it is conveyed with clarity. For the Urhobo people, this clarity appears to be insufficient in the existing version of the Bible in Urhobo language published in 1977. The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of human language necessitated the need for the revision of the extant Urhobo Bible. This will be done under the supervision of united Bible Societies' Translation Consultant.

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The project is designed to revise the existing version of the Urhobo Bible published in 1977...


The goals of this revision include:1. To print and distribute 5,000 copies of the revised Bible...


Inadequate funding.


Recruit qualified hands for various roles.Provide adequate remuneration and incentives for personnel.Provide proper supervision for...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Bible Translation 1,096,000 ₦ 3,459,500.00 000049
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