Winners at the 2022 Secondary Schools Bible Competition - Penny International College, Lagos State displaying their trophy at Igbobi College, Yaba, Lagos
Budget: ₦2,586,108.00
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Amount raised: ₦397,757.65


Population: 43,597,545 | 2023 Budget: ₦2586108.00 | Project Number: 000005

According to research, drug abuse and negative vices cause the death of about 2.6 million youths annually. Therefore, the Bible Society of Nigeria has created a National Secondary Schools Bible Competition to promote the study of the Bible among young people and instill moral values to combat this issue. This competition targets secondary school students, who make up 42.54% of the Nigerian population and are most vulnerable to social vices and abuses.

The competition takes place in three stages: Area, Zonal, and National. Winners from each level progress to the next stage, with the National level being the grand finale. Participants are given specific books of the Bible to study, and the winners are rewarded with cash gifts, certificates, and consolation prizes.

The competition is conducted in oral format, with an interactive section and motivational speech aimed at transforming the lives of young people. The Bible Society of Nigeria reports that over 1,000 young people from more than 200 schools participated in the competition every year, reaching more than 25,000 students.

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The need for the National Secondary Schools Bible Competition, created by the Bible Society of...


The goals of the National Secondary Schools Bible Competition organized by the Bible Society of...


The project challenges are stated below:1. Some parents adverse to their children/wards travelling long distance...


The strategy for project execution  is stated below-1. Mobilisation of volunteers at grassroot levels for...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Youth and Children 43,597,545 ₦ 2,586,108.00 000005
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