The cross session of 2019 Secondary School Bible Competition participants displaying the CEV Teen Bibles presented to them during the event at The Apostolic Church Auditorium, Palmgrove, Lagos.
Budget: ₦3,452,377.20
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Population: 43,597,545 | 2020 Budget: ₦3452377.20 | Project Number: 000005

Research shows that about 2.6 million youths die annually from drug abuse which makes it very urgent to raise a generation of youth who will grow deep in God’s Word through our Bible Quiz for Secondary Schools.

The Bible Society of Nigeria through its National Secondary School Bible Competition has been inculcating moral values in the youths. We can change the horrible statistics.

The youth ages 0-19 years form about 42.54% of the Nigeria population. The Secondary School ages in Nigeria are 9 years -19 years. This class of young people are also most vulnerable to social vices and abuses. They are victims of rape, drugs, cultism, thuggery, etc.

They can now have their lives transformed through the word of God.

 Where We Help The Nigerian Youth in Secondary Schools-

 The Bible Society has put together a Secondary School Bible Competition which starts from the grassroot in all the states in the Nation. Participants will be drawn from secondary schools in Nigeria in the three stages of the competition. The stages are listed below-

 Area level- This is the intra- state level of the competition where secondary schools compete at state level. This quiz competition will be conducted by the BSN area officers. This event holds September  every year.

Zonal Level- The winners in each state will meet at the BSN zonal level and the winner at this level will qualify for the national. This competition will be conducted by the BSN zonal officers. This events holds  October every year.

National Level- The zonal winners will converge in Lagos state for the National competition for secondary school students. This event hold annually in November.

HOW IT RUNS: The competition is in oral format. Participants are given specific books of the Bible to study and they will be examined based on the books studied. The best three students will qualify to the next stage of the competition. Also, each level of the competition comes with an interactive section, motivational speech geared towards life transformation.

 Testimony- Over a thousand young people from more than 200 schools (more than 25,000 students reached) participate from state level every year thereby having the opportunity to interact with the word of God and have their lives transformed by the virtues drawn from the Bible.

Your financial and moral support will make this programme a huge success and we will be able to reach more young people.

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To engage 43,597,545 (age 10-19 years) young Nigerians in secondary schools with the word of...


The project challenges are stated below as:1. change in school calendar because of the COVID...


The strategy for project execution  is stated below-1. Mobilisation of volunteers at grass root level...
Project Category Population Budget Project Number
Youth and Children 43,597,545 ₦ 3,452,377.20 000005
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