Our Projects

Prominent amongs our projects are:

Budget: ₦5,404,300.00
0.04% raised
Amount raised: ₦2,000.00


      We help to build a healthy society  through promoting right Conduct not Condom.       With increasing sexual vices such as rape, homosexuality, HIV/AIDS and other Sexually... Read More

Budget: ₦2,000,000,000.00
0.68% raised
Amount raised: ₦13,636,300.00


Do you know that The Bible Society of Nigeria is a major force that has kept the cover prices of Bibles low in Nigeria and accounts for why millions... Read More

Budget: ₦3,793,628.91
50.83% raised
Amount raised: ₦1,928,250.00

Annual NYSC Essay Writing Competition & National Symposium

         Great ideas that can solve the problems of Nigeria abound in the minds of Nigerian Youth. BSN provides them a platform to express these ideas.This... Read More

Budget: ₦14,044,680.00
0.01% raised
Amount raised: ₦2,000.00

Ogbia First Bible Translation Project

Living by the streams, yet thirsty! This caption vividly depicts the situation of the Ogbia people group of Bayelsa State in Nigeria who, though surrounded by many water bodies,... Read More

Budget: ₦14,044,680.00
0.58% raised
Amount raised: ₦82,000.00

Yungur First Bible Translation Project

Should they be without the WORD? The approximately 200,000 Yungur-speaking community in Adamawa state, Nigeria has no Bible in their heart language. Although they have and use the Hausa... Read More

Budget: ₦2,500,000.00
0.00% raised
Amount raised: ₦0.00


The Founder’s Day Annual Lecture and Awards Ceremony gives back the society through lectures and awards to engender and model positive behavioural pattern as part of the BSN’s corporate social responsibility. The... Read More

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