Our Projects

Prominent amongs our projects are:

Budget: ₦3,459,500.00
0.02% raised
Amount raised: ₦800.00

Urhobo Bible Revision Project

God's Word can only be acted upon and result in life transformation if and when it is conveyed with clarity. For the Urhobo people, this clarity appears to be... Read More

Budget: ₦15,529,357.80
0.01% raised
Amount raised: ₦1,550.00

Okpe First Bible Translation Project

The Okpe First Bible Translation Project is targeted at helping the Okpe speaking community of Delta State, South-south Nigeria, have unrestricted access to the Word of God in their native... Read More

Budget: ₦2,630,000.00
0.01% raised
Amount raised: ₦350.00

Edo Bible Revision Project

Language is dynamic, hence its nuances changes over time. This is the case of the Edo Bible published in 1996. The changes in the nuances of the language over... Read More

Budget: ₦25,000,000.00
0.00% raised
Amount raised: ₦0.00

The Ogbia Language

Ogbia is a community of farmers and fishermen in Nigeria’s Bayelsa state in the Central Delta region. Former Nigerian president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was born in Ogbia. It is... Read More

Budget: ₦10,386,180.00
0.96% raised
Amount raised: ₦100,197.30

Epie Bible Translation Project

The mission of the BSN is "making the word of God available and affordable to Nigerians in their preferred languages and formats, helping them to engage with the word of... Read More

Budget: ₦1,771,731.00
92.71% raised
Amount raised: ₦1,642,500.00

You Can Be Their Eyes Braille Bible Distribution

      The Bible Society of Nigeria has recognized that individuals with visual disabilities often face challenges accessing the Word of God due to the high cost of Braille... Read More

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