Our Projects

Prominent amongs our projects are:

Budget: ₦43,153,940.00
0.08% raised
Amount raised: ₦36,350.00

HEALING THE WOUNDED HEART (Trauma Healing Project)

This project addresses the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of the traumatized people in Nigeria who are under emotional pains or shock. These people are victims of kidnap, insurgency, rape, domestic... Read More

Budget: ₦1,781,100.00
51.56% raised
Amount raised: ₦918,358.62


The Marathon Bible Reading is a week-long Bible engagement initiative that aims to help people interact with the Word of God. It is an inter-denominational programme that has been successfully held... Read More

Budget: ₦1,628,520.00
0.14% raised
Amount raised: ₦2,200.00

Bible Club

The Bible Club project aims to organize Bible clubs in various schools in Lagos to increase the number of students cultivating a Bible reading culture. The project seeks to... Read More

Budget: ₦6,663,075.00
58.13% raised
Amount raised: ₦3,873,285.80

Annual NYSC Essay Writing Competition & National Symposium

             Nigerian youth have a plethora of innovative ideas that could address the country's challenges, and BSN offers a platform for them to share... Read More

Budget: ₦2,249,435.00
6.51% raised
Amount raised: ₦146,500.00

Primary Schools Bible Competition (PSBC)

Nigeria's current population has 46 percent of children under the age of 15 years. Children are precious gifts from God and, as a result, must be protected and directed... Read More

Budget: ₦1,202,900.00
71.70% raised
Amount raised: ₦862,512.16

Deaf Bible Quiz

The Bible Society of Nigeria believes that hearing impairment should not be a barrier to accessing and interacting with God's Word. BSN has therefore designed the Deaf Bible Quiz... Read More

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